Southfork Spa 2016

Come visit Southfork Spa, Your Rural Retreat, at our stunning new location.Nestled within the country rural setting, conveniently located at 300 Poole Dr, in Trillium Estates,Perth Ontario.

Offering exquisite spa services and spa boutique, featuring globally renown brands such as Dermalogica, Pure Fiji, La Bella Donna, Gehwol and OPI

 The owner and licensed esthetician, Grace Hogel-Vandenberg, defines service perfection and brings over 16 years of expertise and knowledge.

Experience a Dermalogica Customized Facial and Pedicure Retreat at Southfork Spa and leave feeling that you have experienced the best in the spa industry.

Surpassing the industries hygiene standards is Southfork Spa's mandate. The utmost hygienic/disinfecting methods are used during each spa service and completely abide by the District Health Unit standards.

Visit Southfork Spa all year around.


Southfork     Spa